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Applying for Position:
Woodside Priory School,
Portola Valley, CA

This opening calls for specific teaching qualifications set by the school.

Woodside Priory is looking to fill both a full-time & part-time High School mathematics teacher role for the 2019-2020 academic year. We operate within a rolling block schedule and have an average class size of 15 students. Priory has a strong commitment to ongoing professional development and an exceptional collaborative culture.


Mathematics is a common language that can help students unlock complex problems and provide a lens of understanding by which to make applied and valuable connections to other fields, professions and disciplines. Mathematics offers its own unique set of knowledge, skills and processes enabling students to discover ways to solve old problems and develop new ways of thinking about the world around them – a skill that is essential to tackling the biggest challenges in our interconnected, global world.

The Mathematics Department’s mission is to produce students who are flexible and critical thinkers, able to independently problem solve and effectively communicate both reasoning and results. We strive to create a meaningful and student-centered learning experience for all students by leveraging the individual talents of our faculty.


The Priory teacher plays a dynamic role in creating and facilitating an academic experience that cultivates the Benedictine values of Spirituality, Community, Hospitality, Integrity, and Individuality, and the 21st century competencies of critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and resilience. As an educator who models and promotes a growth mindset, the Priory teacher actively engages in research-based best practices to prepare our students to navigate and to participate in an ever-changing world as lifelong learners and stewards. Priory teachers employ all aspects of their craft—content, curriculum, assessment, and instruction—to teach for understanding: to foster deep thinking, meaning-making, and intellectual curiosity.


  • Models and teaches the Benedictine values to support students in creating meaningful and balanced lives.
  • Demonstrates mastery in subject area content knowledge and educational theory.
  • Designs curriculum using the backwards design planning model and delivers student-centered instruction that engages active learning and scaffolds students toward learning goals.
  • Designs authentic assessments that challenge students to demonstrate deep, multi-faceted understanding of subject area essential knowledge and skills in real-life contexts.
  • Provides students on-going, timely feedback that guides measurable growth.
  • Differentiates curriculum and instruction to serve students of diverse readiness levels, cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and interests.
  • Discerns effective technological tools and resources to facilitate learning.  Possesses the skills needed to work with, teach, and lead diverse groups of individuals in respectful, equitable, and inclusive ways.
  • Collaborates within and across departments to review and revise curriculum for vertical articulation and on interdisciplinary learning experiences and projects.
  • Develops a dynamic teaching practice through reflection, innovation, and a growth mindset.

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