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Applying for Position:
Saint James' Episcopal School,
Los Angeles, CA

This opening calls for specific teaching qualifications set by the school.

CalWest's client school, St. James’ Episcopal School, is seeking an Academic Technology Specialist.

Celebrating fifty years of providing quality elementary school education to the children of Los Angeles, St. James’ Episcopal School is a community that values academic excellence, scholarship, inclusion, joyful teaching and learning and a strong belief that an elementary school’s primary purpose is to inculcate in children a lifelong love of learning, a commitment to community, a profound curiosity about people and the world, and gratitude for the opportunity to make our complex world more compassionate, empathetic and filled with joy.

Encompassing most of a block on St. Andrews Place, and a preschool on Gramercy PlacePlace, St. James’ is comprised of 365 students and over 73 employees, whom we refer to as “staffulty” due to the belief that everything at St. James’ is the curriculum and that all employees offer instruction and modeling to young people in some way.

Minimum Requirements:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• BA/BS in educational technology, computer science, or related field

• Minimum of three years teaching computer classes to elementary-aged students

• Must be well-versed and researched in current pedagogy and best practices

• Serve as a member of the Technology Committee

• Ability to create and implement effective technology policies and procedures

Essential Functions/Duties:

Smart Lab/Educational Responsibilities

• Lead Smart Lab instruction for 14 classes per week, including 7 unique grade levels (K-6). This includes:

o Creative Learning Systems (CLS) professional development and training

o Attend regular meetings with CLS Regional Director

o Classroom/school visits with and demos for CLS and prospective clients

o Development and enrichment of SmartLab curriculum across grades K-6

o Create new lessons/units comprised of CLS curriculum

o Train in new software and curriculum updates by CLS

o Collaborate with general education teachers to create and carry-out curriculum that is interdisciplinary and co-taught

o Manage Smart Lab calendar and facility use; schedule and be available for additional project time for general education and other specialty classroom teachers

o Perform basic Smart Lab maintenance and/or repair; perform basic equipment repair and preventative maintenance

o Software updates for Smart Lab iMacs

o Software updates and basic maintenance and care for Smart Lab MacBooks and charging station

o Software updates, app updates, maintenance for Smart Lab iPads

o Maintain a safe classroom environment by establishing and enforcing Smart Lab procedures and policies

o Manage SmartLab budget and inventory of materials and consumables; organize project storage space; maintain an organized Smart Lab space

o Create a fun, safe, and engaging environment for students; maintain availability to students for questions, conversations, and assistance

o Collaborate on project design ideas and curricular planning with teachers, associates, and staff; mentor and train faculty and staff on safe use of Smart Lab equipment

o Enter and maintain student grades in student information system

o Provide grades on report cards for all students in grades K-6, including narrative comments spread over 3 trimesters

o Maintain social media accounts and website for Smart Lab, including, but not limited to, Instagram and Twitter

Technology Support Responsibilities

• Research new devices, software, and methodologies to ensure that SJES stays up-to-date with technological and educational innovation

• Establish K-6 scope and sequence of technological skills and knowledge, loosely based on ISTE NETS standards

• Work with outside technology consulting firm to ensure general maintenance and productivity of all school technology equipment

• Working with teachers and staff to ensure their technological needs are met in the classroom

• Providing training and consult for teachers for technology integration in the K-6 general education Classrooms

• Co-teaching and/or supporting technology in the general education classroom, i.e. learning centers, collaborative teaching, etc.

• Oversee new employee technology training during orientation week

• Oversee new and existing parent technology training and workshops

• Organize staff training sessions on various tech-related subjects

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Our client schools make the final decisions.

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