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Applying for Position:
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy,
Beverly Hills, CA

This opening calls for specific teaching qualifications set by the school.

Middle School Humanities/English Instructor

Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy seeks committed, collaborative and passionate faculty members to join our growing Middle School program for the 2018-19 school year. New faculty members will join a staff where mentorship, professional development and staff support is at the center of our culture. Candidates who look toward their own growth as educators, with the ultimate goal of creating exciting learning experiences for students, thrive in our fast-paced and engaged campus life. Teachers should apply who are interested in the important balance between carefully articulated curricula/programming and a desire to experiment and try new innovative approaches to engaging 21st century learners. Hillel encourages the generative and demanding conversation regarding school improvement and educational creativity.

Professional Qualities/Skills:

● Passionate, student-centered, developmental approach to teaching.

● Ability to differentiate instruction to address the needs of all students.

● Commitment to meaningful collaboration with colleagues and parents.

● Excellent communication skills and commitment to keeping parents informed and engaged.

● Willingness to take risks and seize leadership opportunities as they arise.

● Interest in professional growth and commitment to continuous learning.

● Commitment to improving the school as a whole and willingness to share best practices with others.

● Facility with technology as an instructional tool including Google suite of applications, iPads, and classroom management applications.

● Ability to be self-reflective and commitment to learning from feedback received from colleagues, administrators, and students.

Responsibilities Include:

● Design and implement project-based, multi-disciplinary instructional units in Middle School English and History.

● Collaborate with grade level colleagues to plan, integrate, and enhance instruction in all curricular areas.

● Participate in special school events including, but not limited to, Open House, Back to School Night, special student performances. Attendance at other community/school events is encouraged.

● Serve as a Middle School advisor and other duties as assigned.


● Four-year degree from a college or university.

● Valid teacher credential, Masters Degree and/or previous Middle School teaching experience preferred.

About Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy

With 90% of the student population living within a 2 mile radius, Hillel has the feel of a “home away from home” for our students and families. 70 years old, we are already a three generation school with profound roots in the Jewish community and the larger educational community of Los Angeles. Teachers quickly begin to feel connected to the community, invited in by its families and warmly taken in by the veteran staff members. Parent ambassadors help guide first year teachers at the school, making them known to the larger parent base and act as another point of school support as they transition into the school culture.

While the school’s primary raison d'etre is its Jewish mission, the school seeks a seamless interplay between modernity and tradition, with excellence in learning, in all realms, as critical and fundamental to its goals and values. As an Apple Distinguished School with a full one to one iPad program throughout the school, Hillel is committed to faculty using technology as one critical tool to transform the learning culture for our students. Teachers receive a number of opportunities throughout the year, inside and outside of school, to professionally develop in this area.

Our staff is also a multicultural one, with faculty coming from diverse backgrounds, personal histories and experiences. The diversity of our faculty is seen as a strength and a positive element to developing a dignified and respectful student body.

Candidates considering applying should consider the following criteria that profile excellence in teaching at Hillel:

● Hard working, thoughtful, and passionate creators of student-centered learning experiences.

● Capable of creating a classroom culture of dignity and respect.

● Experimental as well as skilled in many aspects of the classroom learning culture.

● Prepared to take collective ownership with the staff as a whole for school culture and routines of the school year.

● Open to support, ready to voice your opinion in a professional manner, and willing to engage in collaboration on a regular basis.

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