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Escuela Bilingue Internacional - Emeryville,
Emeryville, CA

This opening calls for specific administration qualifications set by the school.

 Director of Student Wellbeing, Character, and Social-Emotional Programs

Job Class:   Full-time, Exempt, Administrative Position

Reports to:  Head of School and/or Division Heads

The Director of Student Well-being, Character, and Social-Emotional Programs oversees, designs, and directs the Character and Social-Emotional programming of the school, as well as counselors when applicable depending on program growth or needs. This position also works collaboratively with classroom teachers, learning specialists, Director of Learning Services, and the school leadership team to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. The school psychologist reports directly to the Head of School and/or Division Heads, is part of the EBI Student Success Team, and collaborates with other administrators, grade level team leaders, faculty, staff, and parents. This person will collaborate and consult with parents/guardians and faculty regarding students’ academic and emotional needs as well as provide outside referral services to students in need of treatment. Ideal candidates must have an interest and experience in developing and implementing a student well-being and wellness program.

 The position description outlines both current needs and anticipates future needs to account for program growth.


  • A degree in school psychology and/or a degree in clinical psychology; (Psy.D. PhD or EdD) required.
  • Several years of clinical experience as a school-based psychologist in a lower, middle school, or high school setting and a deep commitment to students’ social-emotional growth and well-being.
  • Strong understanding of the physical, social and emotional developmental stages of students ages 3 to 14.
  • Deep understanding of school communities with an ability to design, implement, and evaluate innovative character and socio-emotional education programs for multiple constituencies, to include health, wellness, growth mindset, media literacy, and mindfulness, among others.
  • Knowledge and experience with the International Baccalaureate program and Responsive Classroom strongly preferred.
  • Excellent clinical, interpersonal, communication, listening, and organization skills.
  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and to establish supportive relationships with all school constituencies within the lower and middle school divisions
  • Ability to maintain composure, confidentiality, tact, sensitivity, and flexibility during peak stress periods and crisis intervention situations.
  • Experience working with students with learning differences, ADHD, and/or school anxiety is preferred.
  • An ability to connect with students, faculty, and families of diverse backgrounds and understand the role that identity plays in their relationship to health and wellness issues.
  • An understanding of social media and its impact on health and wellness
  • Strong knowledge of the ethical and legal considerations related to counseling practices and experience in working collaboratively with other mental health professionals in a school or community-based organization setting
  • Thoughtful and adept at conflict resolution.
  • Collaborative leadership style.
  • Courage to support and/or make difficult or unpopular decisions, when needed.
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish languages strongly preferred.


  •  Direct and oversee all aspects of the student well-being, character, and social-emotional programs. Support service learning programming.
  • Serves as the primary leader of the EBI Student Success Team and collaborates with its members (Head of School, Division Heads, Dean of Student Life, and Director of Learning Services).
  • Works collaboratively with the Head of School and is responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of the school’s well-being, character and social-emotional curricula in alignment with the EBI Mission, the IB Programmes, IB Learner Profile, CASEL, and Responsive Classroom, among others.
  • Responsible for accrediting the school as a recognized State and then National School of Character.
  •  Provide strong leadership and modeling in support of the EBI Mission and vision and collaborative work with the Head of School and Division Heads to develop and maintain the mission, vision and philosophy of EBI’s 21st- century educational and co-curricular programs.
  • Works with Division Heads to lead hiring process for all counseling and paraprofessional staff for social and emotional learning programs when applicable.
  • Supervises and works as a collaborative team member with school counselor when applicable.
  • Oversight of support to students to include:

  1. Assessment student emotional and behavioral needs, and provide culturally responsive approaches to students and families from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Promoting problem-solving, conflict resolution, positive peer relationships, and social problem solving, and reinforce positive coping skills and resilience.
  3. Improvement of student communication and social skills.
  4. Providing individual assessment and short-term treatment planning. o Making referrals to outside resources and coordinate service with community-based providers.
  5. Supporting the development of service-learning programming.

  • Provides ongoing professional development for all teachers, support staff and families in character, SEL, SES, health, meta-learning, and mindfulness among others.
  • Provide input and assist in the review and update of effective school policies such as discipline, behavior, student transitions, and learning support section of Student and Family Handbook.
  • Work with Director of Advancement and Admission to manage marketing and PR for all school Character/SEL and Parent Education programs sponsored or promoted by EBI and to communicate to the school and community at large.
  • Works in collaboration with the Head of School and Student Success Team to host regular parent education programs and discussions.
  • Provides support, guidance, and collaboration with Divisional Leadership regarding behavioral or disciplinary issues that arise in the daily activities and classroom routine of all students.
  • Work with parents and students to refer students out for clinical consultation.
  • Use basic interventions, if needed, or provide crisis intervention when necessary for students, their families, and school personnel connected to the student.
  • Supports and collaborates with Divisional Leadership to coordinate and oversee lunch time management and activities.
  • Provides written reports of Well-being, Character and SE programs or data management to the Head of School for any requested data for Board of Trustees reports and/or special committees.
  • Supports and collaborates with the Director of Admissions and Divisional Leadership in the planning and implementation of EBI retention/recruitment events.
  • Additional responsibilities include the management of counseling records and meeting notes.

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