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Applying for Position:
Prospect Sierra ,
El Cerrito, CA

This opening calls for specific teaching qualifications set by the school.

Overview of School

Prospect Sierra is an independent, coed TK–8 school located on two campuses in El Cerrito, California, serving 465 students. Prospect Sierra gives students the tools to build a better world by integrating rigorous academics with a deep understanding of human emotions. Every day our exceptional teachers connect students' academic experiences to ethics, empathy, and social and emotional intelligence. The result is deeper intellectual engagement, greater self-knowledge, and compassionate relationships. Prospect Sierra students develop courage to become more than great students, but great people.

Overview of Position

This position is for an elementary colab (maker space) teacher , beginning August 2019. This teacher will report to the Elementary Division Head and the Director of Technology and Innovation. Prospect Sierra is committed to creating space, time, and guidance to support project based learning with a focus on innovation, creativity, and technology integration. Our colab teacher and space support this goal. This is a full time teaching position.


● Design and evaluate curriculum to support an integrated approach to 21st century skill development in the areas of making, early engineering and coding understanding, digital literacy, and basic technology skills.

● Employ the design thinking process for project work when possible.

● Connect age-appropriate computer science concepts with classroom curriculum and student interests.

● Work collaboratively with the librarian, science teacher, and TK-4th grade lead teachers to carefully design and integrate curriculum .

● Work collaboratively with the technology team in order to support integrated technology teaching at the elementary campus.

● Integrate an introduction to woodworking skills into projects when possible, utilizing the outdoor and woodworking learning spaces.

● Meet regularly with the Elementary division head and the Director of Technology and Innovation.

● Collaborate and occasionally team teach with the elementary librarian when projects focus on research skill development.

● Serve as the key promoter and supporter of making, design thinking, and appropriate technology integration to TK-4 faculty; as part of the campus tech team, designing professional development throughout the year for faculty, and supporting several parent education presentations.

● Participate in the highly collaborative winter performance project based learning experiences annually, integrating technology into grade level learning when appropriate and in collaboration with other specialist teachers.

● Maintain a well-organized, student centered, flexible learning space.

● Perform routine maintenance of colab equipment, including the 3D printer and laser cutter.

● Maintain colab set of iPads and Macbooks to ensure healthy and safe technology use.

● Run lunchtime Tinkerlab three times a week, in order to stimulate excitement and provide an environment for open-ended, unstructured opportunities to code, make, and create passion projects.

● Teach and differentiate lessons weekly for TK-4th grade students.

Required Qualifications

● Appreciation for and desire to work with TK-4 students

● Demonstrated experience as a maker and modeling a maker mindset

● Demonstrated understanding of best practices in elementary education

● Fluency in educational elementary coding programs such as Scratch, Scratch Jr., LEGO Mind-storms EV3, makecode, Ardublock, Blockly, and CREATE Lab

● Knowledge of the essential role social emotional literacy plays in the workplace and interest in application of SEL within the educational setting

● Knowledge of identity safe and anti-bias educational practices

● Ability to create an inclusive classroom community that allows for a multitude of perspectives to be heard and respected

● Ability to take initiative, work passionately and joyfully, and collaborate effectively with diverse constituencies

● Willingness to be a team player, show initiative, and take on leadership roles as needed

● A passionate commitment to creating an innovative, joyful environment for students

● Bachelor of Arts or Science degree and/or professional coursework or certification, indicating training applicable to the responsibilities of the position

In addition to required qualifications, desirable additional skills include:

● Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Master’s degree in education, or relevant coursework or certification indicating advanced knowledge in areas related to the responsibilities of the job

● Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

● Flexibility

● Excellent interpersonal skills

● Organizational skills and the ability to multitask

● Understanding of differentiated learning techniques

● Familiarity with Inkspace, Tinkercad, and other elementary-appropriate design software

● Nuanced understanding of DEI/social justice knowledge from a personal or programmatic perspective

School-wide Duties

● Participation on committees as needed and appropriate

● Ancillary duties include responsibilities that are part of elementary school life, e.g., team and staff meetings, attendance at school functions, and recess duties weekly

● Oversight of a "family" of mixed-grade students once a month


The salary is competitive. Benefits included.

Prospect Sierra School’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our hiring process; people of color and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

CalWest and our partner schools are unable to respond to all applicants.

Candidates may be submitted to multiple positions during their time with CalWest. Also, candidates may not be chosen to move forward in the search they initially expressed interest in pursuing.

Our client schools make the final decisions.

Deciding to Apply

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