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Applying for Position:
Catlin Gabel School,
Portland, OR

This opening calls for specific teaching qualifications set by the school.


The Homeroom Teacher provides instruction in all subject areas including math, reading, writing, social studies, handwriting, spelling, and social-emotional development. The teacher assesses students’ progress and reports to parents on a regular basis.


●Commitment to the tenets of progressive education including experiential learning, teaching to the whole child, democracy, and inquiry

●Plan and facilitate effective, differentiated lessons in reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, math, and social studies

●Assess student learning on an ongoing basis and use this information to inform instruction

●Co-plan with teaching colleagues. Work in a cooperative manner with teachers across the division

●Foster a classroom environment where students feel comfortable to take risks, make mistakes, and be curious

●Practice thoughtful, respectful, and effective classroom management techniques which support active learning and promote responsibility, self-management, and positive relationships

●Work in partnership with students and their families

●Maintain frequent contact with families including blog posts, emails, meetings, and informal conversations

●Write progress reports and participate in parent/teacher conferences

●Attend all faculty and community meetings

●Supervise students during recess and other non-class times

●Develop, plan, and supervise field trips (both local trips and overnights).

●Complete required Human Resource trainings each year

●Participate fully in the life of the school


The Lower School is housed in a building designed to provide a comfortable, spacious, and attractive atmosphere for learning. The homeroom teacher is expected to be on campus from 8am-4pm each school day and to attend other functions as designated. Teachers are expected to travel to retreats, conferences and workshops as well as accompany students on various experiential activities and overnight field trips throughout the year. There are some mandatory evening and weekend commitments.


The homeroom teacher has daily contact with children, parents, teachers, and administrators. Some interactions include confidential information.

Minimum Qualifications

●Bachelor’s Degree Required. Master’s degree preferred.

●Minimum 3 years classroom teaching experience and record of effective performance.

 Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

●Ability to differentiate instruction.

●Understanding of progressive education philosophy and ability to put it into practice

●Ability to create and implement a 2nd grade curriculum using a progressive and constructivist pedagogy

●Knowledge, understanding, and successful demonstration of integrating curriculum and providing connectedness for learners

●Ability to effectively run a reading workshop, writers’ workshop, and math workshop.

●Familiarity with elementary education content/skill standards and developmental continua

●Effective classroom management skills, including restorative justice practices

●Culturally responsive teaching practices

●Ability to create positive, professional relationships with students, parents, caregivers, and colleagues

●Ability to work as a team member: The ability to problem-solve, compromise, collaborate, be flexible, and take direction when necessary

●Computer Skills: Proficient with Word, Outlook, and Google Suite

●Ability to use technology to enhance instruction in developmentally appropriate ways

●Clear communication skills, both verbally and in written form.


●Mobility sufficient to move about the campus and assure the safety of children.

●Ability to communicate with children, colleagues, and families.

●The ability to occasionally lift 30-50 pounds and to accomplish frequent bending, squatting, stooping and kneeling.

Catlin Gabel believes that each employee makes a significant contribution to the school’s success. That contribution should not be limited by the assigned responsibilities. Therefore, this position description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications, and job scope, but not limit the incumbent nor the organization to just the work identified. It is our expectation that each employee will offer his or her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our endeavors.

CalWest and our partner schools are unable to respond to all applicants.

Candidates may be submitted to multiple positions during their time with CalWest. Also, candidates may not be chosen to move forward in the search they initially expressed interest in pursuing.

Our client schools make the final decisions.

Deciding to Apply

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