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This opening calls for specific teaching qualifications set by the school.

CalWest's client school in the Greater Seattle Area is seeking a Middle School Mathematics Teacher to begin August 2023.


  • Create and sustain a positive classroom culture, based on the mission and values of the school
  • Employ developmentally appropriate teaching methods, materials, and workload expectations for middle school students
  • Have a broad and deep content knowledge that is curated and made accessible to students
  • Maintain knowledge of current and emerging content in the field of mathematics
  • Enhance curriculum and student engagement with relevant lessons, guided practice and age-appropriate technologies
  • Support students in the development of effective mathematical habits, content knowledge and skills
  • Adapt instructional methods and differentiate for neurodiverse students in collaboration with learning support colleagues
  • Possess the interest, ability, and skills to successfully teach mathematics to Middle School students
  • Serve as an advisor to a group of Middle School students
  • Lead Electives throughout the academic year
  • Design and lead an E Week program each academic year
  • Value and incorporate diverse perspectives in daily interactions and within the curriculum
  • Develop a culturally responsive, student-centered classroom community that fosters engagement, inquiry, risk-taking and confidence
  • Establish classroom expectations that create a safe and comfortable environment for all students
  • Share perspectives and expertise in the community roles for the continuing betterment of the school as an institution
  • Collaborate and work effectively with other members of the Mathematics Department to create common experiences centered on student inquiry
  • Develop a culturally responsive, student-centered classroom community that fosters engagement, inquiry, risk-taking and confidence
  • Create and sustain effective family partnerships, for example: communicate with parents/guardians regarding student progress and classroom news via formal fall/spring conferences, written communications, and school portal
  • Observe/evaluate/assess students’ development and maintain accurate records regarding student progress and areas of growth
  • Attend and chaperone school related events outside the scheduled school day
  • Communicate openly, timely, and supportively with students, staff, parents, and other stakeholders regarding student achievement and progress
  • Create and sustain effective family partnerships so that all families are seen and heard; for example: communicate with families regarding expectations, student progress (challenges and successes) and classroom news
  • Participate actively and with curiosity in school/division/department/committee meetings, as well as student community gatherings during the school day
  • Collaborate with school counselors and learning specialists to establish and maintain social-emotional learning and wellness for all students
  • Collaborate with school counselors and learning specialists to plan lessons, curriculum, materials, and resources to effectively serve students with different learning profiles and mental health needs
  • Utilize technology to support student success (e.g. Google Docs, Google Classroom and Learning platform)
  • Conscientiously complete other duties as assigned


  • Experience teaching mathematics is required, with 3 or more years preferred
  • Experience teaching mathematics to Middle School students is preferred
  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or teaching with a mathematics focus is required
  • A graduate degree in mathematics, teaching with a mathematics focus or related field is preferred
  • Demonstrated excellence as a mathematics educator, with a passion for sharing that with Middle School students is required
  • A demonstrated commitment to professional development and growth in this area is required

CalWest and our partner schools are unable to respond to all applicants.

Candidates may be submitted to multiple positions during their time with CalWest. Also, candidates may not be chosen to move forward in the search they initially expressed interest in pursuing.

Our client schools make the final decisions.

Deciding to Apply

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