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Applying for Position:

This opening calls for specific administration qualifications set by the school.

Director of Student Support and School Psychologist

Position Reports to:    Director of Campus Life

Collaborates With:  Early Childhood Director; Principal GS Elementary; Principal GS Middle; Principal JS Elementary; Principal JS Middle.

 Reports and receives directives from/to Head of School as required General Description:

The Director of Student Support fulfills a critical need in Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy’s responsibilities towards its students and families. The position leads in ensuring the school successfully fulfills its role in creating graduates that meet the published Portrait of a Graduate. The position oversees any staff engaged by the school to support the academic needs of the students. This includes gifted, remedial and other types of learners. The position oversees and interacts closely with the School Psychologist to support student needs in those areas as well.

 The role includes:

  •  Providing leadership and expertise within the department by sharing professionally relevant information within our defined scope of practice
  • Consulting with and supporting teachers/administrators in serving students with academic and/or behavioral challenges
  • creating alert notes on students & sharing key information with teachers
  • Promoting interventions that are aligned to the Hillel philosophy
  • Determining and prescribing a range of appropriate strategies, accommodations, and modifications to meet the unique needs of students and sharing these guidelines with administrators and faculty
  • Collaborating with and supporting parents of students with academic and/or behavioral challenges
  • Liaising with therapeutic companions, outside therapists, psychologists, tutors and outside school district personnel
  • Overseeing and assisting in the development of behavioral objectives and plans for students with social-emotional and behavioral challenges
  • Designing and monitoring the use of behavior charts and other interventions for students with behavioral challenges
  • Facilitate the administration and interpretation of the DIBELS testing program to include the administration of DIBELS measures, collation of results, dissemination and interpretation of data in order to inform practice; this also includes identifying at-risk students, implementing targeted instruction and monitoring student progress to determine that interventions are working
  • Training/mentoring teachers in the administration, scoring, interpretation, and use of the DIBELS measures and MAZE measures
  • Assisting parents with, and facilitating referrals of students to, outside service providers - including assessment by the LAUSD and Beverly Hills Unified School District Special Education teams.
  • Collecting and forwarding all report cards on students, plus teacher observation forms, rating scales, etc. to outside assessors to facilitate comprehensive assessments
  • Leading and coordinating Student Success Team (SST) meetings and disseminating summary notes including recommendations to all concerned faculty, administration, parents, and if appropriate, outside providers
  • Working with faculty, administration and outside professionals in determining, prescribing and implementing strategies, accommodations, modifications and individualized instruction suggestions to meet the unique needs of students.
  • Facilitating the interpretation and understanding of outside reports – data and recommendations - to plan and inform effective action steps in instructional practice and differentiation
  • Directing any General Studies resource specialists teaching services provided to Hillel students
  • Supervising the work of any General Studies resource teachers
  • Collaborating with the Judaic Studies Principals and ensure the Judaic Resource specialists are supporting the work of the GS specialists.
  • Overseeing the Gifted and Talented Specialist to ensure all students are receiving support as required
  • Ensuring the School Psychologist is running the SEL program
  • Ensuring the G/T specialist is training and working with teachers to incorporate G/T strategies for the entire class.
  • Participating in faculty and administration meetings
  • Directing a strong cohesive Student Services Department team that promotes Learning and Social/Emotional/Behavioral supports for all students (Tier 1, 2 and 3).
  • Observing, interviewing and reviewing records and work of students to ensure a comprehensive picture is provided and aids the student team in determining the next steps.
  • Providing check-ins and short-term counseling for students with school-related challenges
  • Serving as a resource to staff and parents
  • Completing service logs and progress reports if required by law
  • Performing additional duties and responsibilities as requested by the Head of School or his designee.
  • Act as a member of the Head of School and Director of Campus Life crisis management team when situations arise that call for a strategy to be implemented
  • Create a strategic plan for the Student Support Department to be reviewed by the Head of School and to be incorporated in future strategic plans for the school
  • Attending LAUSD and BHUSD IEP meetings with parents and serving as their advocate to obtain an appropriate and fair assessment and/or services for their child
  • Directing Title 1 services
  • Overseeing Title 1 teacher/s and facilitating Title 1 services to students
  • Creating a list of all students who will require extra time or a separate setting for testing
  • Assisting parents of 8th-grade students with ISEE testing paperwork for students with accommodation or modification needs during testing
  • Planning for the 5th and 6th-grade students to have study skills and organizational skills training
  • Ensuring follow up with 7th and 8th-grade students who require additional study skills and organizational skills support
  • Providing check-ins and short-term counseling for students with school-related academic/executive function challenges
  • Completing service logs and progress reports
  • Being part of the admissions team for potential incoming students with academic and/or behavioral challenges
  • Facilitating the placement of educational therapists working in school during the school day
  • Mentoring all staff within the Department of Student Support
  • Contributing to the strategic plan for the Student Services Department to be reviewed by the Head of School and to be incorporated in future strategic plans for the school
  • Research and propose a parent ed component to the department

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