CalWest Candidate Agreement
Candidate Agreement Overview

Thank you for taking the time to complete your CalWest application. The application forms the basis of the portfolio sent to schools. Please note CalWest cannot guarantee a submission, interview, or offer for a position within any given hiring season. CalWest is a referral service and not an employment agency.

If selected as a candidate for an opening at one of our CalWest Association member schools, you benefit from the following services:

  • submission to an opening by the CalWest Team
  • job interview and school visit preparation (if needed)
  • guidance when receiving and accepting an offer (if needed)
  • advocacy on your behalf from the CalWest Team
  • and other consulting services that may arise
  • Note: for select searches, lead by a CalWest Recruiting Advisor (RA), you may be pre-interviewed and receive additional advocacy on your behalf
General Candidacy

Once accepted as a candidate, you agree to:

  • grant CalWest authorization to submit information provided in your profile to prospective employers.
  • permit CalWest to examine your publicly posted internet content. NOTE: Anything you post, including social media profiles, is subject to viewing and may impact the status of your candidacy with CalWest or a potential employer.
  • understand that some positions are confidential and details may not appear for you to view.
  • check with CalWest before contacting any independent, private, or charter school represented by CalWest as listed on our website,
  • accept that a CalWest introduction to a school covers all openings for which your profile is considered within that school.
  • notify CalWest of any search developments once submitted to one of our partner schools, including interviews and offers.
  • keep us updated on the status of your search, including the schools you apply to outside of CalWest. This helps us to advocate on your behalf and allows us to offer you advice.

If you wish to discuss or require further explanation of the contents of this agreement, we encourage you to contact our office by email at