CalWest School User Interface Agreement

Logging onto the CalWest Educators Placement school interface indicates that you agree to accept the following placement process terms:

Hiring a CalWest Candidate:

The school will notify CalWest Educators Placement when an offer of employment has been made to a CalWest candidate and/or hired a CalWest candidate. CalWest will send an invoice for hiring fees after the school has extended an offer to a candidate and the candidate has accepted. The placement fee is payable once the candidate has accepted in writing the school’s offer. This applies even if the candidate will not be starting employment for several months. The timing of any agreements the school requires of the candidate fall outside of the CalWest agreement and cannot hinder the payment obligation. Failure to pay a placement fee in a timely manner may result in interest fee penalties being assessed on the overdue invoice.

Placement Fees:

Schools may engage CalWest as either a Member or Non-Member school. The CalWest Association is an annual membership program that offers discounted placement fees, reduced event registration fees, and other benefits. The membership year runs from October 15th through October 14th of the following year. To learn more about the CalWest Association and/or join, please contact our office at (818) 906-2972.

Placement fees for NON-MEMBER schools are currently: 19% of the first year's annual salary. In addition, NON-MEMBER schools are unable to list Part-Time or Leave/Replacement positions and are limited to three open position listings at one time.

Fees for non-schools and unique situations, such as home-schooling, will be quoted on an individual basis.

Please note: The fee due to CalWest is not to be deducted from the salary offered or paid to the candidate.

If you have any questions about this user agreement, the placement fee policy, or other aspects of working with CalWest, contact Betty Linville, Executive Vice President, at (818) 906-2972.